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Modifications 2009 Yamaha Vixion

New Yamaha V-ixion 2009-yamaha R15

New Yamaha V-ixion 2009, Variants will flash out the latest Yamaha V-ixion ditepis PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI). If the new V-ixion absolutely so forth, Yamaha can inconvenience.

"We are not planning to access a new product, including the V-ixion," tukas Promotion Supervisor PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI), Indra Dwi Sunda back contacted detikOto, Thursday (26/1/2009).

Demand on yamaha V-ixion community-at this time it is almost aerial and can not absolutely met by the Yamaha. "Especially back there are new products, the keteteran we can," he said.

News breathe fast in a array of community, group, and a cardinal of blog sites in the basic apple YMKI said that a plan will accommodate the latest variants V-ixion belvedere from which to booty the YZF R15 has been circulating in India.

Motor has abounding similarities with the V-ixion. And that analyze them arise alone on the adventurous fairing, arch lamp, handlebar, and the rearview mirror. The same. This makes the V-ixion admirers in Indonesia so covet this motor. yamaha v-ixion 2009, yamaha R15

But back YMKI the motor appearance this to the Indonesian market, of course, it will advance up the angel of Yamaha in the accessible eye Indonesia. Not so correct.



As a agent decay MOGE, Handoko tertantang with Awang Alamsjah desire. SMU Student Affairs 2 Ungaran, Central Java, accept this 2008 Honda CBR150 own MOGE adapted after waste. "Perhaps the aftertaste of the market, I can not see after a egocentric admiration consumers," said skipper BJM Motorsport accept a abounding name Raynaldo Handoko Sugiarto.

Finally, Handoko the bowl actual and cilia to change the attending of modifikasi honda CBR. Consideration of the plate, he said, because the actual is added adjustable and lightweight. The action added bound so that assembly costs are additionally the added low. Hence, the close was formed in the ascetic of the authorization bowl bold galvanis 1 mm.


Tail nungging additional single-seat (single seater) abbreviate streetfighter. Despite the consequence as motor selfish. "It was acquired through the framework of the afterlight aback altercation model," added the man bertitel graduates this technique.HONDA CBR EXTREME MODIFICATION

Fuel tanks gambot advised application fiber, alike admitting its accommodation is still the aforementioned as the standard. Meanwhile, airscoop far from galvanis to acclimatize to the tank. Included additionally with the larboard addition and the far appropriate catchbasin through customized steps.

Lights dicomot advanced of Satria F-150, and again advised with sipit use cilia captivated about the mica. "Completely apish nudge the anatomy so that in time, but the ablaze still aglow lights," Handoko abiding that in the absolute blush motto.



Suzuki SHOGUN 125 EXTREME MODIFIED Bored with the look? Modify the following may be you can try. This two Suzuki SHOGUN 125 that have been modified to be cool.

The first Suzuki SHOGUN 125 production in 2006.

Data modif:
Tire front: Battlax 120/60-17
Rear tire: Battlax 150/60-14
Pelek: Suzuki GSX400
Upside down: Suzuki GSX400
Handlebar: Suzuki GSX400
Swing-arm: Aprilia 125
Sok back: Aprilia 125
Rem: Suzuki GSX400
Body: Custom
Radiator: Jupiter MX 135LC
Spidometer: Satria F-150
Footstep: Aprilia 250

While the second SHOGUN 2005.

Bodi dikonsep fiber design with the monster characters. Seabrek uređaja audio added. Result, this motor dinobatkan pants as a street monster.

Modif Data:
Ban: Mizzle 50/90-17
Velg: Yoshi
Cakram: 4 units TZM
Shock dpn: Up Side Down
Shock Blk: Kitaco
Arm swing: Posh
Exhaust: Costum 4 hole
Cat: Blue Graphic Gliter
Body: Monster Costum
Head Unit: avt
Power: Symbian
Monitor: Liliput
Sub woover, Midle & Twiter: Venom.



Inspired dog ugly bulldog who tampangnya but seemed grumpy, Agus Djanuar from home modifications XK Bike Design Purwokerto, Central Java, modify Honda GL Pro 1997 so a certain kind of face bulldog. "Building full of character with the bulldog in front of and behind the minimalist," said Agus. It may be, his work as a new virus in 2009.
GL Pro renovation done by kru XK Bike Design, Wawang Cool, that is the problem ngelotok alter body with a fiberglass material. Terrible, his work is combined with a bulldog streetfighter West Central Java Style (WJS). Here ditonjolkan form and outline as the spiny texture contours. The main firm Wawang, contours and tends to nudge taper shroud and a full body cover to the front direction.

The thick WJS small tank is still form a strong stick in the GL Pro. Interestingly, fuel storage design is unique, ie there cula as the rhinoceros. More specific, such as hand grip on the horse rodeo. In the tank is not simply a variation, its function as a filter funnel.

Do not interrupt while driving. Thus, with a straight handlebar model that is only 80 cm long, easier handling it. Material using the Korean Steel Tube Work.

Other interesting creations, try the taillights lyrics. With a short tail that used to be sweet, light Honda's CS-1 is appropriate and fitting. Not simply sweetener, but still have a functional and aesthetic. Unfortunately, this bulldog GL Pro changed the nature of a self-absorbed, with no passengers can bring



Modifications in the motor Basically all have the Same value innovation. View of the needs there are three basic aspects That must be followed, Among others:
1. The need for bike show 2. Racing or competition 3. Daily use daily or motor
specifically for Honda Supra Fit (one machine to sleep / horizontal) That canscontrived or built motor element in the duck still visible.
In general, the Modifications Also refers to the concept of a diverse (extreme, fashion, minimalist) Towards a concept for the which We Will Follow.
The idea Is That According to the idea That I fled from the concept, its stages include:
1. Foot-foot Renovation2. Changes in the form of a framework / subframe3. Harmonization of body4. Adding accessories / bolt on5. Finishing / assembling
Well, now We Can refer to a concept Towards the which We Will follow the needs and what We need.For example, I have an idea at the Supra Fit will of the make me look Towards the concept of racing,May I change so extreme, aspects of the which I will from replace the cover,the form of foot-foot body and the changes are not permanent. There Are Alsorubahan extreme form of motor duck.



Modify the style low rider never have utmost. Suzuki Skywave 2008 been owned by the Sulistio Ton's Chrome (TC) such as this, really cool abis. There are some prominent and can be spelled out quite new. For example, the front rim and rear models cutom cross the Antonius Chandra, skipper of the TC, is widely used low rider American community.

Model palangnya five runner with wide, 5 inches front and back with 7-inch lip that celong. Then, finishing with dikrom.

However, the standout of this modification is the feel of Harley-Davidson. As sepatbor front of the model width. Unfortunately, the lower lip not be a barrier cipratan water. Similarly sepatbor back the land. This second part of the plate-sized 8 mm.

Similarly muffler in the neck, there is only one pipe in the middle and up to two parsed until the end. Part two is parsed with the given pelapis pattern of air-air. After that new dikrom.

There's more nuance HD, ie, bar width constrained model. However, Antonius already take into account the pipe diameter is used, he said the fit 25 mm. Third sector, from the rim, exhaust, to a handlebar, full chrome processed.

With a neat and penggarapan this detail, when appropriate Suzuki Skywave property Sulistio won the contest as the best place in Otobursa 2009.



Once a year vacuum cleaner, Auto Custom Rexindo (RAC) appears again in the belantika motorcycle modifications. Home modifications from Yogyakarta this shows through his Honda Tiger's property Arfan Brebes (Central Java), which changed into a model streetfighter style Yamaha R6.

Here goalee RAC Rizal wanted to show perfection and detail finishing. However, the characteristic of the RAC has been known many people, the custom goods, according to Rizal Mechanical Engineering graduate who is still maintained.

During this, modify each RAC, it was frequent use galvanis plate. Honda Tiger on this area, said Rizal, is still obvious, as in the tank, swing arm (swing arm), sepatbor, and fairing.

The swing arm to the iron plate as the main material and diperkokoh the packing plate galvanis. For the home front and far back from the fiberglass. However, the specific background, a special material, ie fiber-red liquid.

"With this liquid material will easily fit the desired print. In addition, also safe for health compared with the normal fiber," clearly indicate that pemodifikasi on Jl Wahid Hashim No. 212, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Lights sein dicomot of Honda Supra X 125. Rizal deliberately using local products so that, if broken, replace it easily. Views gahar plus motor with the combined Yoshimura exhaust brake disc ganda in the future, strengthen the effect of pure streetfighter


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MARKET motorcycle United States (U.S.) appeared not only in Japan domonasi manufacturer. The Honda motor output duck retro 1950s will again produced by Taiwan companies, SanYang Motors (Sym).

Sym is known in motor matik produce that has been established since 1954, even in the present with the name of PT Sanyang Industri Indonesia.

As quoted from Motorcycle-usa, classic style motor is produced Symba, previously called Wo Wow. An iconic model of the Honda has sold 60 million units worldwide, since the set was released in 1958.

Symba machine berpendingin air 101 cc 4 tak carburettor. With the viscera, the motor has a power of 6.7 hp and torsi 5 lb-ft, which can be dipacu up to 90 km / hr.

To support the drive stability, Symba using this speed level 4, dipersenjatai Suspensi and adjustable telescopic shock.

In order to support klasiknya characteristics, in addition to the brake system still uses Tromol, also available accessories such as baskets dilebur a chrome color to be put on the front of the motor.


Style modification Rossi had started many years ago, but only this yamaha vixion motorcycle is seen as similar to a Valentiono Rossi motorcycle.
YAMAHA V-IXION valentino Rossi Style Modified

Modified Honda Blade 2008

2008 Honda Blade perfect and extreme modified. CBR600's Body work inspired, dynamic and sporty because sporty. The price | harga for this Honda blade 2008 sporty modify is IDR 27 million.


HONDA BLADE 2008 Sport Modification (

Yamaha Jupiter MX Modified

The Jupiter MX CONCEPT modified :
Incorporate designs into one long MX. "This generation-3, All new MX One R1," said the author. Experiment on the Yamaha Jupiter MX 2007, MX Motorcycles yamaha make in this more perfect than the previous generation. New car adopted inspiration Galant or Lancer Evo 10, Yamaha R1, R6, and so one. A combination which is very beautiful for this Yamaha Jupiter MX.

Yamaha Jupiter MX 2007 full fighter modification

pict taken from :
thanks for nice picture

New Modifications Jupiter Z

Yamaha Jupiter Z 2003 modification. Japanese Style Modified. So that effects can be expensive, than the bottom of the cover is full chrome body is given back to the color of the color trend that is also more persuasive blink-doff, meaning a combination of color patterns with a simple air brush is thick with elegant impression.
YAMAHA JUPITER Z 2003 Japanese Style Modify

Modification Honda City Sport 1


HONDA CS-1 Modification YELLOW DRAGON color body

The City Sport 1 Middle sport motorcycles from Honda Manufacture. Some body from Bali Can modified this bike|Motorcycle like the wallpapers above, very Artistic and exclusive. The Style Modified of this motorcycle Taken from China. Because the motive in this body is Dragon China.


The 250 cc honda tiger simple and cool modification. MODIFIKASI HONDA TIGER the new tiger motorcycles modification from Indonesia.

SIMPLE Modification of Honda Tiger

Honda Tiger Drag Style Modify

Honda Tiger like Sport Motorcycle in Super Bike.

2009 Ducati Superbike 1198 Wallpapers
2009 Ducati Superbike 1198 silver color Wallpapers
2009 Ducati Superbike 1198 black 1024 x 768 Wallpapers
2009 Ducati Superbike 1198 motor sport Wallpapers

The Ducati Superbike 1198 cool motor sport Wallpapers

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Satria Fu Full Drag Modification

Suzuki Satria FU including motorcycle is faster at most 150 cc class. Spec engines to support very fast race. But you must be careful when using this motor, avoiding the accident may be minimal. Because the motor is very fast then you should be careful and vigilant. To protect you from the motor accident futile, there is a good idea to insure your Suzuki Satria Fu 150 cc motorcycle. Insurance is useful to protect and maintain your motorcycle when the accident occurred. Choose the best and cheap motorcycle Insurance for your lovely Suzuki satria Fu 150 cc.

Satria Fu Full Drag Modification